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The Facebook Group Blueprint

  • Discover how to create an engaged online audience without tricky tech skills, expensive marketing software or pointless hours wasted creating unengaging content
  • How to get started quickly using our proven templates 
  • How to use FB groups to build a list of warm leads and make sales - no hard-sell required! 
  • How to build an Influencer brand that bonds your target market to you- become the 'only' go-to option in your market!

The Course Creator Cash Maker

  • Discover how to map out your online course super-fast
  • ​Find out what skills and ideal will actually sell
  • ​Find out how to record your course content easily and quickly
  • ​Discover our proven marketing tactics to sell your online course
  • ​Get your online course created in 30 days or less

Flow State Selling

  • Discover how to create a powerful connection with anyone 
  • ​Discover how to ask elegant questions that uncover your prospects deepest needs and desires
  • ​Find out how to overcome any sales objection instantly 
  • ​Discover how to get the prospect to close themselves and be eager to buy from you
  • ​Find out how to get endless referrals from your network and existing clients

Kim Walsh Phillips- Speaker, Author, CEO

"Suzi is incredible at sales! 

She knows exactly how to cut to the core of why people buy and she's connected the dots for many of my clients when it comes to not just making money but to truly serving at the highest level through sales."

D. Powell- Events Organiser

"I’m not a natural salesperson. Many times I used to avoid picking up the phone to make sales calls.
I’ve tried other sales courses in the past but none have really shown me how to sell without pushing people into the sale.
Fortunately, I found Suzi’s Course. She’s given me a way to be myself and sell with confidence. Best of all my sales have increased 10-FOLD! Thanks so much Suzi!”

Neil Clark - Vice President Of Technology
TASC Outsourcing

“I know Suzi to be an exceptionally talented, determined and dedicated individual. When she commits to something she will always follow through and be successful. She is a naturally gifted salesperson who demonstrates a keen awareness of the issues that Business Owners face and is a great Mentor.”
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